Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I think I can

Grant keeps trying to INSIST that he cannot sit up.

Silly boy, you totally can! That boppy is not holding you up, I promise. (The ped actually said it offers some babies psychological comfort, which made me chuckle.)

He seems to have totally skipped that gorilla sitting thing the other kids did.

It's been almost a week of sleeping all night in his crib too. After another week I will start working on the naps. He has started rolling all over the place this morning. I guess sleeping flat is helping that skill. The play gym will be on it's way out very soon.

And I just washed a new batch of pajamas for him - in 18 month sizes. Smokes.

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  1. Perhaps he's a bit of a perfectionist? My daughter wouldn't do something when she knew we were watching without knowing she could nail it perfectly.


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