Saturday, April 13, 2013

To be or not to be - a feedsack

 Thank you to everyone for your warm thoughts. I had two super bad days with more than my share of crying, then woke up Friday and decided all I can do is do what I do - get on with it. I can't see a rheumatologist until May 7th to decide if they confirm the RA diagnosis or not, so for now I just wait. Our ped had Grant x-rayed on Thursday and called Friday to say that three doctors looked at the x-rays and see nothing unusual happening with his jaw. He has called a geneticist at Wash U/Children's Hospital to expedite an appointment for us there to see if someone can decide if Grant has that birth defect or not. His words were "I am not at all comfortable waiting a year to see if the baby has something wrong with him or not." To which I say AMEN. I am still hopeful this was yet another rush to judgment on behalf of yet another doctor for Grant and that he will be okay.

Speaking of Grant - he has started rolling all over the living room suddenly. And he is sleeping much easier in his crib at night. AND he can sit up in the shopping cart. Go baby. (So much for that low muscle tone, eh?)

Sammi is utterly in love with "punjob" aka Spongebob. Lord help me, I hate spongebob. She is also doing adorable toddler speak for everything "sammi go bye bye? sammi wear shoes? sammi sleepy." Love.

My Jackson darling, well, he was terribly upset when he got off the bus and found me crying. I am not a crier. Not on purpose, I just don't do it often. So then he started to cry. And wail. Other than that he refuses to get dressed lately. At all. Ever. For anything. It takes HOURS to get him dressed. He was never like this before, what gives?
 I smacked together this umbrella idea from pinterest for the front door. I think I need one more thing in the front of the umbrella, but it's cute. That pink ruffly umbrella is a kid's umbrella from Amazon of all places.
 And we have a bird's nest on the porch. A few hours ago all the eggs were in the nest then when I got the camera out she seems to have tried to discard two  of them. Boo. When Jack was a toddler he LOVED finding baby birds in nests. I hope Sammi likes it too.
 The kids and I went to goodwill on Friday and I grabbed this. I cannot for the life of me decide if it is a feedsack or not.
 It has the rounded corners.
 And fairly large cotton stitching.

But this is the part that throws me off. Someone has made it into a laundry sack. These are really only one grommet split in half. And that string is a cotton string. Obviously people made feedsacks into lots of things, but it still makes me go hmmmm.

So what say you - feedsack or no? Barbara?


  1. Hey, you're the one I ask when I don't know! I'm stumped. I'm also relieved to see you decorating your door (I see that as a good sign) and I am happy to hear what seems like good news about Grant. Sounds like you need a big dose of Sammi cuteness as often as you can get it. (But spongebob? Seriously? Blech!)

  2. From my viewpoint, I say that Grant is an absolutely perfect looking baby! I smile every time I see his big gummy grin. I am so happy to see that he is defying doctors and sitting up and rolling over. You go, baby!!


  3. i have no idea about the feedsack, but the picture of Sammi is over the top adorable and such a keeper. frame?


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