Thursday, May 30, 2013

100 miles of yard sales

Dave and I went to the 100 mile yard sale on Friday while the kids stayed with Oma. Every year the "loot" from this thing gets sparser and sparser. Perhaps I should consider giving up.

This year I bought:
A big pile of embroidered pillowcases with crochet trim. There is a pair in each pattern except HIS, there was no HERS anywhere to be found.

A silver plated deer head candle stick holder. This thing is wicked cool. Can't decide if I should do something with it or leave it alone. Wish it had been a pair.
And another fruit of the loom printed quilt in a lovely 1940s green. This was one of a pair, but the other was in rough shape.

And that's it other than stuff for the kids.

It took me nearly 12 hours to make the trip and do the sale. I started feeling really, really, really awful at about noon time. I thought perhaps with the arthritis problem I couldn't ride in the car that long anymore or that my allergies were going insane or something. Head pounding, throat hurting, body aching EVERYWHERE.  By the time we got home on Friday I could not wait to pass out.

Turns out I had the kids' virus as I then spent the entire night burning up with fever and all of Saturday burning up with fever and in bed.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up Saturday and put my feet on the floor and my foot didn't hurt anymore. In fact, the only thing hurting was my pinky finger.

I saw the second rheumatologist yesterday. I liked him a LOT better, but I can see how this whole doctor thing is a bit like Russian roulette - which poison will you choose? He says that because the presentation of the joint pain is so atypical and because one of my tests is dead normal that he is absolutely not convinced this is RA.  In fact, he said there is a 15% chance it is not RA and that any one of 33 other things could be causing this.

He wants to look over my xrays himself (he said that after only three months of pain my pinky finger would be showing damage if I have RA and it has been hurting for six months already and the other guy said my xrays are totally normal). And I have instructions to go have another blood test done "if or when" the pain returns enough to be consistent for more than a week and bad enough that I would call a doctor again. Anyway, he says it might turn out to be RA or it might not. It might come back or it might not. But if it does turn out to be RA to not be in a panic because this type of presentation almost never turns out to be the very crippling, very serious RA. Most importantly he said, do not take those meds right now. If you are okay and can function then do not take medicine. If and when you start to be unable to care for the kids again we will talk about medicine. "You know your body better than we can." This is pretty much the COMPLETE opposite of the last guy who just said "yep you have RA, lets throw you into this study and take methotrexate and a biologic RIGHT NOW, stop nursing that baby and good luck to you."

So. I have chosen to not believe the hype and go with the second guy. Right now I am feeling okay. I am not 100%, but the massive fatigue is gone, the pain is mostly gone and I am feeling more like myself than I have in a long time. I have no idea how long this will last, but I am going to go with it. I realize I am in a perfect storm healthwise - I had two babies in less than two years, I already know I have a severe hormone deficiency which contributed to infertility, I have a genetic disorder which contributed to infertility, I am in the post partum/breastfeeding hormone craziness, I have a severe birth injury, I never get a decent nights rest and I am going to give my body some time to try and settle itself down a bit.

And I am going to focus on getting the injury repaired first.

And that's where things are for now.

P.S. I did pursue the lyme disease test through the specialized lab. I had an inconclusive test. I show activity on 2 bands and have an indeterminate third band, so not enough for a positive, but enough to show I have been exposed to "something." However, that something could be anything from e coli to a bunch of other stuff also.


  1. I'm so glad you sought a second opinion and found a more friendly doctor. I like your attitude with this and your priorities. You are a trooper. God bless.

  2. I like the new doc, too. You're taking vitamins, right? (I ask my kids the same things. And eating right? We'll skip the plenty of sleep question.)

  3. I'm sure you have gone through everything trying to figure this all out. I have been going through some personal health issues for about five months. Terrible joint pain, overwhelmingly tired all the time and a huge purple rash around my eyes - purple eyelids to purple cheekbones. Itchy, swollen red and hurting. I have been miserable for months. I have racked my brain trying to figure it out. Sure, I was exhausted with my hellish life the past five months and I hurt from being on the go all the time and getting no sleep and I was stressed beyond belief. But the rash - that was the WORST. I was led to believe it was allergies or stress (and even one misdiagnosed case of Pink Eye). Anyway, long story short, I did some thinking and research and discovered that I had been taking a certain Amino Acid (L-Tryptophan) to help with my stress level (partially from my life and partially from the stress of my eyes) for exactly as long as I had been suffering with these symptoms. Did some research and found that these symptoms can occur with Tryptophan. I took myself off it two weeks ago and my eyes are back to normal, I have energy back and I'm not dead on my feet tired anymore. So, think of everything and leave no stone un-turned. Remember, I went through a month of hell with my kid and over five thousand dollars in medical tests trying to rule out major medical issues and he, too, was taking a drug that gave him different symptoms and issues. Lots of things can do lots of different things to different people.

  4. Hoping your health issues can get resolved soon. Love the pillow cases you found. Wanted to share with you that last weekend I took out my stash of embroidered pillow cases that were basically dry rotting in a box and made three of them into window valances for my dining room. They are SOOOOO cute. I then took some of my grandmother's hankies that none of my cousin's wanted when we cleaned out her house and made bottom curtains for the dining room windows. I sure hope I don't get out of the vintage stage anytime soon because ironing those hankies onto the white background and then having to redo them several times to get them straight took me two whole days. ;) If only I could sew a straight line it probably would have only taken one day. Hugs to you and I hope you get feeling better soon. You know the e coli thing might not be far off considering you do have two in diapers and I am sure they poop once in a while. ;) That would definitely impact your health.


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