Monday, May 20, 2013

Flea market Monday

I went to several "garbage" sales on Saturday. As in, nothing but garbage here people why did you even bother?

As I was making my way back home I was thinking "you know, it's about time for my favorite yard sale to start up again." (She has a yard sale about once a month. I think she must buy out estates or something because it is a MASSIVE yard sale with different stuff every time. And it is always cheap.) It's pretty close to home and what do you think I saw on the way home? My favorite yard sale!

The day was saved.

Hats bought for the millinery flowers.
Which Sammi promptly tried on.
A whole box of teeny, tiny, tiny shells. I have been wanting Dave to make a Sailor's Valentine for years, but the shells are crazy $$$. (Martha did it in her mag several years ago, you might remember them on the cover?) Now we have plenty of shells!
Some Christmas. Or, in the words of Sammi - "I see ho! ho! I see 'soflakes'. I see star. Ohhh, I like it."
Chemical bottles. (Woohoo!)
Big pile of old dollhouse furniture that I have not even looked through yet. This is a long weekend and I hope to get the living room shelving sorted out since I bought myself another dollhouse too.

A teeny cuckoo clock. I am going to paint it and replace the guts so it is a working clock for the kids playhouse.
A 2 foot tall box of garland. Tarnish proof is a bummer actually,but its on string. I *think* I might try trimming it so the tinsel part is shorter. We will see if I have the guts to do it.
And pottery. Yes I said I was taking it down. But it was 25 cents. COME ON.

And yes, Sammi's fingers are in nearly every single photo. Ahh, 2 year olds.

My kids are all sick. Hacking, snotty, sick. The week before memorial day. We should be swimming soon. Not drowning in kleenex. Stupid weather.


  1. Great haul. Love the putz houses, mini furniture and can't wait to see another doll house post!

  2. Glad this woman came thru with her sale for you as you did pretty darn good! Love the silly pom pom fringe hat...and a quarter for the vase..SCORE!

    p.s. hoping family is healthy soon.

  3. oh, we do love the same things, don't we?

  4. Wow! You did great at that sale. I can't wait to see what you do with the flowers. I love old hats but need some inspiration of what to do with them.

  5. Lots of great finds, but the best part was definitely the little fingers in each shot! Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday!

  6. When we lived in another state, another remain husband and I would rate the garage sales. Almost every sale would have clothes hanging from the tree in the front yard. That became our judging reference. A one tree sale was horrid, two trees awful, etc. It had nothing to do with actual trees, just a way to judge the tackiness of a sale!


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