Friday, May 17, 2013

Found on a Friday

Yesterday I locked myself out of the house when I went out to get the bus. THANKFULLY I had both the babies with me. It took Jack and I a good 30 minutes to break in. Being locked out spurred my angrily cleaning out my very messy garage. Three hours later my garage is a garage again! I can actually walk through there to put poopy diapers in the outside trash 18 times a day again. :-)

I bought all this stuff last weekend at two garage sales. The flea is just really bad this year and targeting certain garage sales seems to be my luckiest bet.

These are child sized.
Two whole ornaments. :-)
These are also play sized. The cookie sheets say "cooky" on them.
The world's tiniest measuring cup.

I think this might be the top to a butter dish? Either way it's a good size for collecting whats its in places where that kind of stuff collects.
I really never buy old portraits...
But I was COMPLETELY smitten with this baby and his father. The way he is looking at that baby is just so sweet.

I paid a little more by targeting a yard sale, if they advertise it they obviously know what they have. BUT it saves me from driving around aimlessly. Which I tried too. And only bought one thing. It is a super awesome thing though, must get a photo soon.

And praise Jesus that it is finally Friday. We are taking all of the kids (nieces and nephews too) to get a portrait done tomorrow for my parents of all the grandkids.

THAT should be entertaining.

Wish me luck. LOL

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  1. I love that photo, too - and I think we must have the same cooky sheet, b/c mine says cooky, too. Did Sammi get a tattoo?


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