Monday, May 27, 2013

It's gypsy caravan time

Every year on Memorial Day the St Louis Symphony  holds a big flea market as it's yearly fundraiser. It's fun to go because you get to see a lot of junk type stuff you don't usually get to see. Last year it was WAY WAY too hot to go. But this year it wasn't bad, so off we went.

A few things to note about this event - parking is hard. You have to park really far away and ride buses in. That makes buying things tricky. It is very, very, very crowded and therefore hard to shop.  The booths are just wall to wall people and you have to stand in short lines to even get into a booth. And last, but not least, it's getting expensive to just get in. $10 this year after 9 am, $20 before 9 am. Per person. When you factor in the crazy high price of the goods inside? Well, usually I go just to look.

What did I see that I didn't buy?

Hello pinterest books carved into letters.
Vintage ornaments. At this point my collection is large and the more interesting ones were $3+ each.
A strange feather tree. I really thought this was a craft project (gone wrong perhaps), but next to it is the box!
Locker fronts. Fronts only.
This was THE MOST AMAZING vintage wedding dress ever. I couldn't get close enough to take a good picture. The skirt was like silk flower with those beaded flowers on top of a tulle underskirt. AMAZING.
The perfect dresser for a bathroom vanity. The wrong price.
An awesome vintage camper.

I didn't get a pic of it but there was an amazing vintage yo-yo quilt too. Some woman was fondling it. And debating. And fondling. And debating. And then she says "this THING is interesting." And then I had to walk away. This thing? sigh. I knew what it was and I wanted to fondle it and photograph it.
Lots and lots of booth spaces were empty this year. Maybe they raised the price of booth rentals too?  Other people commented on how empty it seemed. This event really has the potential to be amazing, but it seems to be falling shorter and shorter every year. They have tried moving locations, monkeying with pricing etc. I hope they go back to a more winning combo soon.

So what did I buy? I am surprised I bought anything. We got there fairly late (around 10, plus we had to wait for and a ride a bus in). And we had all the kids and the double stroller!
A strawberry trash can. Bit rusty on the bottom, need to wire brush that off.
A whole box of super cool vintage pipe cleaner froggies. Ribbit.
A tiny child's cupboard that Sammi is already playing with.
The biggest surprise - a basket quilt. Finding a quilt I could actually afford out there? Miraculous. It has a hole and is tattered, but very sweet.
Yellow and blue baskets. ($20 in case you are wondering. And still there at noon.)

We did the 100 mile sale on Friday without the kids. I bought just a few things, will be back later this week with those.

*Also, people are driving me a bit nuts with the two little people already. They get hot. When they get hot they get red. It is NOT sunburn. It was NOT 100 degrees, it was in the 80s. Yes, they were red. Yes, they were okay. EVERY SINGLE PERSON stops me to tell me they are dying or they shouldn't be outside. Ummm, okay? They have sunscreen, they have water, they are quietly riding in the double stroller just taking everything in, Grant fell asleep for a little bit. I assure you world if my kids are unhappy they HOLLER very loudly and everyone knows they are unhappy. You, and everyone within one mile of us, will know when they are done. Pinky swear.


  1. Know what you mean about "helpful" strangers. I used to put my girls in a front back. It was high enough to cover their noses, but their eyes peeped out. There was plenty of room to breathe. But people came over and told me my baby couldn't breathe. I figured they didn't realize the baby would be hollering her lungs out if she couldn't breathe!

  2. I know what you mean. I really wish these sorts of people would just stifle it! It's likely the parent would recognize something is wrong with their kids long before some nosy Nellie stranger.
    Last year we were at a local fair. My kids were getting out of one of those bouncy castle jumping things & horsing around when getting their shoes back on. I told them to "Hurry up we don't have all day". The busy body running the ride came flying over to tell me" Kids don't understand that sort of comment"-"They'll be really confused & wonder why you'd be talking about the whole day ( my kids were 12 & almost 8 & - being their parent -I'm pretty darn sure they knew exactly what I meant)I wish I'd said something-Even if it was to remind her that maybe she should go look after her ride -3 kids had hopped on while she was too busy playing "parent educator" to do her job. Have a great day & hang in there!

  3. I can't stand unsolicited advice. However, I love the stuff you got. Especially that little cupboard. I love little cupboards.