Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last day of second grade

 Ahhh, the last day of school. The end of second grade.
 Look how tall Jack is next to the tree now!

 This year went way, way, way better than first grade. Last summer I was pretty sure I should just homeschool Jack. This year? Yea, no. Academically it is still very, very easy. But he had a totally different style teacher this year and they worked together so much better. He has shown a lot of true social growth and maturity this year.  He even got in trouble once with the substitute! (A miracle for Jack who would never before act out in any way in school. It was over something silly - a dot on someone else's paper, but it really shows how much his teacher's focus on fun helped him step out of his shell.)

My passport to public speaking was a success too. He is doing so much better at answering people and speaking to people out in public instead of just hiding.

So the verdict on second grade is a total win.

He is going to ican bike camp here in two weeks to learn how to ride a bike (still a real challenge for him) and I am hoping that will give him an even greater sense of freedom and independence. And I am hoping to get him going on some tougher academic stuff this summer to stimulate that part a little bit too.

Now it's onward and upward to summer time!

(I am working a little bit every day on the yo-yo quilt. And making progress! It almost looks  like a quilt again.)

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  1. Amazing! Congrats, Jack!!! I finally learned how to ride a bike during the summer after second grade! It is sooo funny I happened to read this, as someone just posted a photo of my second grade teacher on Facebook today! Ha! Hugs to all!.


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