Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Not terribly exciting, but useful

My kids are security blanket kids. The very first thing I bought for each of them when I was pregnant is a "dandy" from pottery barn kids (the chamois stroller blankets). Two of them (you MUST have two security objects and rotate their use frequently, don't you know?)

Usually they don't get it until one year, when I start putting it in the crib with them.

But Grant was sleeping exclusively in the swing, so he was already cuddling his.

When I tried transitioning him to the swing I suspected he was missing chewing on his blanket.  But he is too little to sleep with such a big blanket. And there was no way in hell I was cutting up a $40 blanket.

Enter Ebay.

This is the same pattern as his Dandy, but different in color (his is orange). There are always outlet rejects on Ebay (usually from monogramming gone wrong, as seen here).

So I bought it for $20 I think.
And then I cut it up into four little dandies. Small enough so he can safely sleep with them, plus two back ups for rotation purposes.

I TOTALLY wish I had thought of this many, many moons ago. Because 1) I could have saved $$ and only bought each kid one blanket and 2) these are a much nicer size for dragging all over tarnation, leaving all over the house, etc.  and 3) you would have FOUR to rotate out instead of two (there is always a panic when one goes missing, even with two).

I realize this is not really great blog craft fodder, but I mention it in case someone is having a baby or thinking of a baby shower gift.  If you are in the market for a security blanket these blankets are the bomb diggity. Eight years later and Jack's is discolored but still completely intact - not a single hole in that thing. And it has been EVERYWHERE and then some.

*I am too lazy to unpick the monogram (or even attempt it), so the fourth one is now a dolly dandy.
**Despite thinking this is a way better idea when Ginty turns one he will get the big orange ones. I would never hear the end of it otherwise. "Why are their dandies bigger than mine??"
***Yes, Jackson still drags that cotton picking thing everywhere. In fact when the storms were raging here last night he made darn sure he had them BOTH and would not be parted with them because "if this place blows away these are irreplaceable." :-)

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