Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flea Market Sunday

It's the last day of Google Reader. Sniff. I hope to see you on the flip side in a new reader. So far "The Old Reader" seems to be working for me. I will cop to being a teensy bit worried that the death of google reader is going to mean further doom for Makin' Projiks. :/

On Friday when I didn't have the kids I went to a Goodwill. Where a BIG fight broke out. With yelling and cursing and I was starting to get a bit nervous about actual violence. And no one seemed to think we need to call the police. Me? I would have called the police within the first five seconds. LOL
A guy was covering up his cart with this quilt. I wanted it. But after the kerfluffle I did NOT want to ask him about it. Right before I was leaving I asked if he was going to buy it and he said no, so I found him a different blanket to cover his cart with him and he let me have it. After looking for these for so many years I think I have four now! I toss them over the couches to keep the couches clean and they stand up to the kids well.

Other stuff:
thought the kids would like playing with this;

my second one of these (neither have a lid);
a ton of these, this only half, no clue what to do with them all but they were a quarter at a yard sale;

this is a tiny real painting, not a print;
1934 book on Indians;

Poor Tommy he just REALLY REALLY wants to talk on the telephone but no one will call him :-);
1946 dairy industry book;

sort of really smitten with this witch;

and there are few other things, they deserve their own posts.

I need a GOOD flea market again. It takes a lot of stinky garage sales to round up a small pile of interesting stuff these days.

I am off to organize the photos a little. I bought myself a waterproof camera and it came with free prints- time to sort out the kids pics!

Happy Sunday to you.

Friday, June 28, 2013


The pain in my hands and foot was getting seriously unbearable and my blood test results keep getting worse and worse.  The rheumatologist has me on a short course of steroids and a prescription NSAID (does nothing) until I see him again in 10 days. The steroids were helping a lot, but as they start to wind decrease the pain is creeping back.

But for a few short, blissful days I felt like Sarah again. Able to do things AND care for the children. Able to cook dinner. No crying. No working up the courage to stand up or get up in the middle of the night to get the baby. (I really need them to find some drugs that work for me and STAT.)

So I did some makin'.
Makin' for Sammi.
Sleepy head.
Makin' for all of us - strawberry, jalapeno and strawberry jalapeno freezer jams. YUMMY.
Makin' with the kids.
Contact paper butterflies.
Makin' for the holidays.
60 glittery stars for the foyer feather tree.

I could just cry thinking that it was all temporary and soon I am back to hobbled. :-(

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Grant 9 months

Ginty! You are 9 months old now.
I had to work extra super hard to get any smiley pics of you today.
Your clapping hands and your little tooth slay me dude. Slay me with cuteness.
But this is how you look at most people you don't know. LOL

At 9 months you:
*Are frowny still
*Babbling - mamama, babababa, nononono, and dadada once
*LOVE laughing at Jack and Sam
*Are on the move. Not exactly crawling yet, but rolling everywhere and pushing with your feet and reeeeaching with your arms and starting to get your legs up a little
*Raising your head REALLY high to look at things
*Skeptical of strangers
*Eating loads and loads of finger foods and always asking for more
*Sometimes sleeping through the night (Almost always curled up on your belly)
*Never needing your swing anymore
*Still horrified at the thought of being left alone
*Smacking your lips in the funniest way when you are full
*21 lbs 14 oz and 29 3/4 inches long (BIG!)
*Wearing 24 months clothes
*Still scritching on everything
*In love with cars and balls and things that move on the floor
*Fascinated by the kitties
*Doing much better at responding to your name
*Pulling toy bins off the shelf and managing to turn them over so you can dig in them - while on your belly on the floor!
*Evening out in your face and chin and no longer leaning to one side
*Bouncing (which might be the beginning of dancing to music?)
*Have two of the cutest little teeth ever
*Have had your first ear infection
*Starting to take baths in the tub
*Not so sure about the swimming pool though
*Also not so sure about babysitters, you refuse to take a bottle from them (thank goodness you can feed yourself finger foods)
*My darling, sweet blue eyed (!) red headed boy.
Love ya baby,

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1933 Needle Arts School Book, an amazing treasure found

There is a 130+ year old Catholic girls school closing in St Louis and their first public estate sale was this past weekend. Thankfully my SIL and her husband were good sports and didn't mind waiting in line with me and the herd on Saturday so I could check it out.

I was REALLY hoping for vintage classroom learning posters, science especially. But no such luck. It was mostly stuff like trophies and christmas wrapping paper and vases and records and books and some globes that were already going out the doors (I was number 85).

I managed to grab this pile (sadly they are not together as books in the covers anymore) of needle arts samples.

And they are AMAZING.

Sorry for so many photos, they are too good not to share.

Those letters are hand cut from construction paper.

The stitches are the most amazing quality.
Hand written instructions for making it all.
A sample made by one of the nuns. So cute.
The quality of the thread on these is amazing.

More hand cut title pages.
Calendar in the back for 1933 and 1934.

The quality of everything from the fabric pieces (beautiful linens and cottons) to the thread (some silk I am sure) are top notch.
Ric rac hand tacked at the top and bottom of each hump.
A tiny apron!
Fabric samples. The corduroy on the bottom right is the softest thing I have ever touched. I half wonder if it is silk.
Really, truly an amazing piece of history.

And a little sad for me too. I took several home ec classes in high school and I learned nothing like this*. And some of the pages from the nun's samples are for Grade 5! Wouldn't it be wonderful to learn some useful and beautiful things in school and not just calculus?

*We did learn to sew on buttons and cook a few meals and make an apron and mind children and write checks. That's about all I remember. I wonder what they teach them now? I do know that here it is now called FACS - family and consumer science. Sigh. From Needle arts (!) to Home Ec to FACS.

**Thinking of making a big framed collage from it since the books are really disintegrating and losing pieces of the cardboard everywhere.