Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A slow junk week

You would never it is high summertime based on the junk this week.

My babysitter had to come on monday so I could see the rheumatologist again and I visited no fewer than 5 thrift stores and one consignment store and I bought ONE thing. Oy. (Rheumatologist verdict - mild palindromic RA. I can live with that. Trying plaquenil first instead of cancer drugs. I can also live with that.)

Then today I had to go to the dermatologist. (On the bright side the mole that is acting weirdly is NOT skin cancer. At least not yet.)  Afterward we hit a church sale. Church sales used to be the bomb diggity for me. They haven't been for years. I have nearly quit going.

We managed to pick up  a few things in between Jackson and Samantha fighting (lord it has been a long week).

More metal frames. I probably have enough for the collage wall.
Small blue scraps.
Some purple scraps. I mentioned this on facebook but if you are hoarding vintage purples and want to sell I am your woman. I have been stalking vintage purples for MONTHS trying to make a quilt and I am not having any luck. I would prefer purple as the background color, but shoot me a pic if you have any?
I NEVER buy vintage flannel because what am I going to do with it? But this vintage flannel scrap is AWESOME. Maybe a bib for ginty.
This one is super duper cool too. Also flannel. I have a fat quarter bundle of a repro cotton that must have been based on this.
I also picked up a set of vintage barbie furniture. I used to have this set. In fact, I might still have my set in the basement. This piece in particular cracks me up. What on earth is it? A telephone tv cabinet thingy?
Some ornaments are the ONLY thing I bought all of last weekend. Ouch.
And this is all I picked up on Monday without the kids - a couple yards of a beautiful vintage brown dot. The hand of this fabric is so beautiful. It emphasizes how crappy most new fabrics are.

Here's hoping this weekend is more fruitful for junking!


  1. You could make wash cloths with the flannel. I made some for a friend's new baby and she told me that she pirated them from the baby to use for herself. ;) So I made her a bunch more from my flannel stash. I cut 12 inch squares and use a print on one side with white or matching color on the other. They are awesome and soft for sensitive skinned children. I have some possibly vintage patterns for girl outfits if you would be interested. I am doing a massive purge and would prefer to pass stuff on to folks I know that will love them. Let me know if you want them I think I still have your address. Shanna

  2. I must get out some of my purple fabric ... I have a lot. It won't go anywhere without you seeing it first, promise!


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