Monday, July 15, 2013

A stunning French bug book

 I stumbled on this book in Goodwill and tossed into the cart without even really looking at it. Vintage French bugs? Sold.

When I got home and tried to look it up on line it looks like it is a rare book that fetches a hefty price.
 And I can see why. Do not judge by my hastily taken photos.
 Each page is like a beautiful biological watercolor.
 And each page is more amazing than the one before it.
 There is no way I could cut it up to frame it, which was my original thought when I tossed it in the cart.
 But maybe I could somehow get color copies that would do it justice so I could enjoy it.
 You should be able to click to enlarge to enjoy them a little better.


I have finished the yo yo quilt. I cannot decide how on earth to wash it. It's musty but also heavy and HUGE and will tear apart even with my usual careful quilt washing methods.  Hopefully I will sort it out soon so I can show it to you.

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  1. By hand in the bathtub?
    I have a front loader that has a super gentle cycle, which I would recommend if you have a front loader. Otherwise I'd do it in the tub. And lay it out on the ground, with a sheet under it to dry it.
    Good luck! Can't wait to see it.

    That book is lovely, btw.


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