Monday, July 01, 2013

And then we went to the lake

Before I say anything else I have to tell you that Sam gets up and asks to go ride Thomas. And then cries when I try to explain that Thomas is special and we can only go once per year.  That girl REALLY wants to go "ride who who thomas".

The weather was gorgeous this weekend (when it wasn't raining). Only in the 70s. So we took the kids to the lake.

Taking all of the kids to the lake kicked my ass y'all. I had to change 14 diapers (in the sand), the two little people kept crying, Sammi did NOT like the moving sand under her feet and wanted to be held in the water constantly, part of my umbrella is missing so I had to sit in the sun with Grant (who is so white he is nearly see through) which made him and I hot and sweating all over each other (hello steroids!) and the bugs were biting and just Oy. Usually I LOVE this place and I could sit there all day while Jack swims and looks for frogs and stuff.

Maybe next year when the two littles are bigger. It was not at all relaxing this year. LOL I did get to use my new waterproof camera though.

(This is her "WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING?" face, LOL).

Soaking wet diaper anyone? (Didn't remember the swim diapers.)

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  1. Well, at least the kids look like they're having fun! (They didn't have swim diapers back in the day ... I'm sure they're a very good thing.)


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