Sunday, July 28, 2013

Christmas in July

Dave and I have done Christmas in July since way before it was a "thing", aka the late '90s. We were poorer than dirt and to break up the monotony of being poorer than dirt we would scrape together a few gifts for under $10 (hello dollar tree) for each other and decorate one of our houseplants with lights and ornaments made from stickers and stuff.

We still do it with the kids and Jack looks forward to every year.

I try to keep the gifts for the kids under $10 still.

For Jack this year - a thrifted typewriter. (Which I think really needs to go see the typewriter man to be tuned up, which will not cost $10. But it's a nice vintage Remington streamliner and worth doing I think.)
Sammi was thrilled with a "dora the splorer"towel and a few other super cheap amazon scores. (Including a fur real friends thing I scored for 80 cents which is now selling for $28. Pats self on back.)
Grant, in typical Grant fashion, would like to know why in the hell I have that camera out again.
But he will indulge me and eat some paper anyway.
I did the world's fastest version of a regular Christmas tree this year, with lights and ornaments. Usually I do something summer themed - umbrellas, birds, butterflies, but eh, not feeling it. Sammi woke up, saw it and gasped -"It's halloween!" then she thought for a minute and said "Oh, it's Christmas!" and started unwrapping all the gifts.

We've already listened to christmas music in the car and still need to let the kids pick a movie (I am voting for Charlie brown) and find something special for dinner.

Happy Christmas in July to you!


  1. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Fun! Since Hollys birthday is early February I think we'll do something like this to break up the long boring year too. Since her first real Christmas she'll just be all about eating paper too :)

  2. You are making the best memories for your kids :-)


  3. I think this is a great idea. We've thought about doing this since the twins' BD and Christmas is so close together, they're going to get the dreaded two for one treatment most of their lives.

    Grant looks like a Kewpie doll. Adorable!


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