Sunday, July 21, 2013

Flea Market Sundays

5-1, 5-0 somebody call the Hoarder show, I bought more fabric. LOL

Already spray painted this.
Had the boy version, now have the girl version.
I don't like to talk money, but this dress was marked $20 (!!). She looks at me and says "50 cents." Okay then, sold!
I have started buying halloween costumes. Sammi has started wearing Halloween costumes. It's all good. (And I have started thinking about the Halloween swap.)
This is a lot more fabric than it looks like. They are like 3x2 inches maybe? I think they are from fabric samples because for many of the patterns there is more than one colorway (sometimes as many as 4 different colorways). All super crispy and not fondled much and from the 30s/40s I think. I haven't had time to pet them much.
Some were already sewn together.

The world's tiniest sampling of the samples.
Best quilt pattern ever. Could never own too many of these. Will always buy them if I can afford them.

Sweetest big 1930's storybooks.
Look at those cheeks! 
And a few good ornaments too.


  1. I have extreme flea market envy. Ours actually closes down during the summer months. What's up with that? Can't wait to see what you end up deciding to do with all that awesome fabric.


  2. I'm so glad you rescued that sweet dress. It needed to come home with you. I spent hours cleaning my craft room yesterday and I'm almost ready to mess it all up again. I don't want to rush away the summer, but I definitely have Halloween crafting on the brain. Looking forward to a swap.

  3. Agreed that Grandma's Flower Garden is the prettiest quilt pattern ever...especially when done in feed sacks. Love all your goodies! How about $20 down to 50 cents? Crazy.


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