Saturday, July 27, 2013

Grant 10 months

Ginty! You are 10 months old now.
You did NOT know what to make me of setting you on some astroturf in the middle of the golf course...
and your eyes were busy saying "mom, are you drunk? what are we doing?"
But then I started to sing.
Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, here's my number so call me baby...
and you started to bob up and down and dance.
So maybe it wasn't so weird after all, eh?

At 10 months you:
*have your sister's damn ear troubles. Infection number three WILL NOT DIE. I see tubes in our near future.
*army crawl/drag yourself all around the house at the speed of light.
*get.into.everything. the trash, the cabinets, baskets, buckets, lamp cords, outlets, etc. You name it, you are into it. A tornado on your belly.
*Shrieking. LOUD. And the other two are constantly telling you to be quiet. Which cracks me up. They are louder than all get out.
*babbling loads - mama, dada, nono, hey, hi, and lots of nonsense babble
*an inconsistent sleeper - sometimes sleeping all night, sometimes up and down all night (I blame the ears partially)
*a crazy good eater. If I put it in front of you, you will eat. Except for peas. Peas are a no way in hell.
*humungo! That outfit is 18 months and it's way too small
*grabby - glasses and hair look out
*want what you want and want it NOW
*scream bloody murder if your father comes in the house and doesn't immediately pick you up
*love everything with wheels. You will lie and the floor and roll things back and forth
*in love with closing doors too - open, close, open, close
*investigating gravity by throwing everything overboard from your carseat or high chair
*Are my adorable, chubby, red headed, blue eyed darling baby boy!

Love you baby,


  1. Is it just the photos or does Grant have really long legs? If so, watch out! I see a lot of basketball games in your future. Such a dang cutie! That smile gets me every time:-)


  2. How big is he? Such a cutie!

  3. I love your monthly posts about Grant. Wish I had thought of it when my kiddies were little!


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