Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mommy made it

I was digging through my fabric stash seeing how many purple fabrics I had for the purple quilt and I found this butterfly flannel I bought three years ago.
It screamed make me into pj's for Sammi right now.

I used a peasant blouse tutorial (no elastic in the sleeves) and the ever popular 15 minutes to kid's pants method. (I wanted the pants to be a little more cropped but I have  no time for things like measuring. LOL)
She loves them. And she loves that they are "matching pants."

She also would like you to know she is "two!" (Finally.)
I love watching the kids play in the clawfoot tub.

When Grant was in there tonight I played around with different perspectives and the camera. The pink walls and the white tub and chubby baby faces is just the perfect combo in my opinion.

Now I have to figure out what to make next. I have a BIG urge to create and yet a bit of creative block.

Happy Sunday to you.~~

P.S. Sammi is finally into girly things - rainbows and dollies and princess (tinkerbell!). Wooohooo! 


  1. You have such cute kiddos :)

    And YAY!! for you, a whole new world of pretty little girly things for you to explore and make. I think she will be a spunky little princess though.


  2. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this Monday morning with those adorable little faces!


  3. They are so darn cute!

  4. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Don't worry. Those pants will be very cropped, very soon. I have a 4 year old boy running around in pedal pushers!


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