Wednesday, July 31, 2013

To keep

Man I cannot wait until the day arrives when I get to sleep through the night again. I am a total zombie again right now.
Jack gave me this letter on Christmas in July. It says:

This is a test for th e old_fashioned type_writer it appears to not be working perfectley but it works I say its "not perfect" but i ts fine actually
      dont worry about typing errors though, I think its pretty cool. Thist ## typewriter is really, really , cool. I like it a lot mom and dad thank you. This w s a really cool christmas in July.


Nice, huh?
Yesterday I had a productive day (which today will totally NOT be) so I attempted this pin for cookie pretzels.


Totally hard to make (but they did look okay going in the oven) and when they cooked they turned into big cow patties! LOL

Time to go try and scrounge up some kind of caffeine...


  1. tick tock does this rock?

  2. tick tock what about this rock?

  3. Soooo how did the cow patties taste? :)

  4. I'm commenting! Blogs where the comment form is right on the page are fine through Bloglovin. The blogs where I have problems are the ones where you have to click on "post a comment" to get to the comment form, because it opens it up in Bloglovin instead of just taking you to the comment page and sometimes it just never opens up the box. I just fixed my own blog because I had the pop-up box and I'm not sure that works well with BL.

  5. Anonymous11:32 AM

    (Catching up on a week's worth or more of reading ... merry christmas in July!!!)

  6. I loved your gift of a typewriter for Jack! My young grandson, who is now 13, loved my manual typewriter when he was young!


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