Saturday, August 24, 2013

A decorating emergency

I am not going to lie. This week has sucked.

I have been crabby as hell.

The kids (all of them) are sick again.

Sammi puked in the car again today.

We went to an important doctor appointment on Thursday and waited an hour only to be told we were there on the wrong day.

My house is complete chaos.

I haven't slept through the night in months. (Grant coughed all night last night and I cannot sleep when he is coughing.)

Grant is into everything. Everything. Unrolling all the toilet paper, digging in the trash cans, you know, toddler type stuff already.

I had the kid's consignment sale this week. Loads of work pricing and sorting and then shopping for three hours on hard cement. Great for the arthritis.

There has been ZERO time for anything creative in at least a month. And I haven't had a baby sitter here for anything other childcare while I have obligations in at least three weeks.

Oh yea, and yesterday Sammi climbed out of her crib and fell to the floor. Now, she had never done that before and I didn't even know she was contemplating it. So the crib came immediately out.

I don't have any toddler beds so I dug around in the basement and found this bed I bought way back in 2007 in "the bed hoard." (WHAT? You don't have a bed hoard in your basement? I have five beds down there. Do not ask me why. I love them. And see? They come in handy.)

We had to COMPLETELY redo her darn room to fit a twin sized bed in there.
Plus we had to make it more childproof since she can obviously wander around in there now.
And there is the small issue of her having opinions. Imagine that. (Gone is some of the cutesy vintage stuff in favor of her hoard of stuffed animals and books and tinkerbell dresses.)
I painted the bed "gumdrop" aka purple. She is into purple. And it's what I had in the basement.
Like how I left the step stool we were using to hang things up there for you? LOL I am not in love with how short the top curtain is but she has to have short curtains to keep her out of trouble.
I even stuck some butterfly wall stickers things on the wall for her.

I am totally not a wall sticker person.

They were 97 cents at walmart. Tinkerbell was $9.97.
But here is the most important part of this story.
Yesterday I damn near cried because really I was not ready for her to be out of that crib. This transition was a bloody nightmare with Jack. It took months and months. He screamed. He cried. We tried like four different beds. We had to keep going from bed to bed to crib to bed. So yesterday I was sure we would never sleep again. (Grant already does not sleep through the night.) But what do you know? We put her in the bed said goodnight and she went to sleep. And today at naptime? She got in her bed and went to sleep.
I am really, really hoping it's not a fluke.
I could do with something being easy. :-)


  1. I hope next week is better. Good sleep makes everything better.

  2. Sammi's room turned out super cute. I am so glad that she is adjusting so well to the bed. You deserve at least one child sleeping peacefully through the night. Hope they all get to feeling better. I hate it when my kids cough during the night :(


  3. I'm glad something went right! (The room looks great ... nice job incorporating a few things I'm sure you wanted!)


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