Friday, August 02, 2013

A garage sale tale

I have spent the entire summer selling off the baby stuff little by little.

Bassinettes, bouncy chairs, bumbos...whatever my kids are done with.

And I have been using the money to print the blog into books. After all, the blog is really my kid's baby book, there is no better use for that money.

Now usually I would consign all my kids outgrown clothes. In two weeks it's consignment sale time.

I went to the deep dark depths of the basement and pulled out a bin of baby clothes. One of like 14 bins of baby clothes. And I realized there was no way in hell I could consign all that. Hanging, pricing it, cleaning it. And there is a hanging clothes limit of 180 items.

So, knowing that I need to print two more years of the blog I just piled it up in the garage for a garage sale.

And then it rained today. Too wet for signs, people unsure if the craigslist ad meant we were still going on, etc.

I crammed it all on the porch, left it all in the bags (which Jack helped me sort by gender and size) and hoped for the best.

It was slow going. Maybe 10 customers. In 4 hours. And I juuuust eeked out enough money to finish printing the blog. (I hope. Let's hope it all fits in one book.)

But it was so much more than that.

It was cathartic. My porch was filled with pregnant mamas digging through mountains of baby clothes. I watched them lovingly choose whatever suited their fancy, make big piles (Man I sold that gymboree cheap!), rub bellies and dream of their babies to come.

I let go of so much more than the baby clothes.

I let go of a basement filled with tiny clothes and my wondering if I would ever get lucky enough to have another baby to wear them.

I let go of wondering how big our family would be and what our kids would be like and just where I would land on this mothering path.

I let go of many years of tears over Jack's baby clothes taunting me from that basement during years of infertility and miscarriages.

I hope that their beautiful babies bring them many years of joy and make them many memories in those little clothes, just like my own little people have done.

Selling the baby clothes was SO MUCH MORE than just selling my random crap in my yard. And I want to remember that I am happy to have accidentally landed there.

Everything for a reason Sarah. Everything for a reason.


  1. When my Gram died and we had an estate auction of her stuff, it was hard. But one of my uncles wisely said that he was actually happy to let her stuff go out into the world, to share little pieces of her far and wide. That brought me a lot of comfort.

    You have loved your babies and made memories of them in all those tiny clothes and toys. You have had many moments of joy. Now you have sent some of those little bits of JOY out into the world, whre surely they will only be compounded by their new owners. Beautiful!

  2. I'm glad you came out with a positive feeling; you expressed it so achingly well. I have felt that way with giving away stuff from deceased relatives. I try to take a picture of whatever it is. Then the memory is memorialized in the photo and my memories are sweet. I wish I had done that with the kids things. But at least now I do, that's better than nothing. Love to you.

  3. This makes me so happy for you. It's just a good feeling to let go and move forward.


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