Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dresden plate flowers on the shower curtain

This silly little project has taken me months to finish.


I was digging around in my cabinet and found a stack of vintage quilt pieces I bought at an estate sale and had the brilliant idea to make them into smiley flowers for a shower curtain.

Except it meant piecing the plates together, embroidering the faces, sewing the plates on, sewing the stems on.
Loooooooooooong time.

Also, sewing them onto the microfiber shower curtain fabric? HARD!
But they are cute.

And smiley.
I bought 24 yards (!) of jumbo ric rac for the stems.

At least now I can enjoy those fabrics instead of them sitting in a box.

Happy Sunday to you!

P.S. Next weekend is labor day weekend. Time to sign up for the Halloween swap? I think I will open it up next Sunday. Just in case you want to get in. :-)


  1. This is the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen. Dang I wish I had an ounce of your creativity. I am really regretting never asking my grandmother to teach me how to sew!

    Hope you find the time for more projects. I know you love them:-)


  2. Cute curtain and a great use of those old quilt pieces. Glad you found some time for crafting!

  3. How clever! It looks wonderful!

  4. I love it! And what a fun way to get to enjoy some cute vintage in your bathroom.

  5. It's really cute! (next time check in with me on the jumbo rickrack ... I don't think I had that color but I seem to come across a lot of it)

  6. Absolutely darling. I bow to your talents. A needle and thread aren't my two best friends.

  7. What a happy ,happy shower curtain. So cute!

  8. What a happy ,happy shower curtain. So cute!


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