Monday, August 26, 2013

Grant 11 months

My Dearest Ginty! 11 months old today.

At 11 months old, you:
*Have some crazy hair
*Want to grab the camera
*Are into everything - the trash, the drawers, the toilet paper
*Kneeling up to grab things. Yesterday you tried standing on your feet.
*Still do a weird dragging army crawl.
*Seriously crabby if you are tried or hungry
*Sometimes sleeping through the night
*A belly sleeper
*A sort of thumb sucker
*A belly laugher
*Toting around the cylinder blocks
*Digging in toy bins
*Babbling mama dada hi wats dat?
*Mimicking! Meow.
*Putting every thing in your mouth. Eat paper much?
*Still huge - in a 2T (24 lbs, maybe more and 32+ inches)
*Self feeding for nearly every meal
*REALLY wanting to grab the spoon if we dare to try and feed you
*Discovering gravity by throwing everything out of the high chair - uh oh!
*A dancing fool
*Enjoying rocking to sleep
*Working on tooth number 4!
*My crazy, funny, curious, intense, wild littlest dude.

Only one more month until one!

Love you,

For fun:
Sammi month 11
Jack month 11


  1. I can't believe Grant is 11 months already! So love watching your kids grow up.

  2. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Where has the time gone! Jack looks like he was a big boy too at that age.

  3. OMG....He's a mini Jack!!

    I love that he dances. That was one of my favorite things my babies did.


  4. Adorable. (and almost a year? how did that happen?)

  5. Love that smile and red hair. Can't believe it's been 11 months though!

  6. So cute! Isn't it funny how different they all are!

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