Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy First Birthday Grant

My Dearest Grant,

Today you are one! Your first full trip around the sun.
I had a hard time sleeping last night. I kept remembering that oh so scary way you came into the world.  When 9 am rolled around I told Daddy that I was haunted by the thought that 365 days ago I was arguing my brains out for the doctors and nurses to return you to me IMMEDIATELY.
And now here we are, 365 days later, having spent every single day together. :-)
You are my amazing littlest boy.
You continue to show me (and everyone else) that there is NO stopping you now.
It was a hard and scary first year, I won't lie. But now we are cemented together like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs baby.

You light up my days and sadly still my nights. Did we really have to get up at exactly 2 am last night to relive your birth?

At one you are:
Inquisitive - you crawled over to the fridge and put your ear right up next to it when it started making noises
In love - with your siblings
A talker! whoooboy. A new word every single day.
On the move - crawling at lightening speed, standing up and starting to make your feet move
A worrier - about places and sounds that are new
An eater - everything in sight
An explorer - you love opening doors and cabinets and finding all sorts of new and exciting things
A builder - trying hard to put big legos together already
A thinker -  I can see your brain ticking away in there

And my sweet little pile of yummy, chubby baby love.

It might have been hard work getting you here, but you are worth every minute of it my sweet.

Love you,


  1. 💕💗lucky Mama!

  2. Birthday blessing to you and darling Grant! A year has gone by fast.

  3. He is so sweet. Belated but heartfelt happy birthday wishes!


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