Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Swap Group 2

Man this has been a busy morning!

The last of the Halloween swap:
There were multiple shapes of glittered candy boxes from Jamie.
Gorgeous paper bat ornaments from Michaele (who is oh so sick right now, feel better soon!).
Paint stick pumpkins from Toni.
And the peg doll girls from Beth that very nearly gave me a fit. I MEAN so cute! How is a girl supposed to choose which one to keep? Pumpkin...
or kitty cat?

I choose the kitty. She reminds me most of Sammi girl.
These gave me a fit of another kind - paper banners from Megan. (Whose blog blogger says is no longer there.)  Only because of how long it took me to sort out how to get a decent photo of them for you.
While desperately searching for a non windy locale I put this one on my quilt cabinet and smokes I love it there.
I need to move the kids spiders because this one is meant to be in that spot.

These really are cool. Maybe Shara will figure out how to get a better photo for us.

Thank you to all of the swappers for making this one of the best swaps yet!

Till next year?


  1. Everything is so fabulous! My Halloween tree and orange feather tree ALSO thanks everyone for their talents!

  2. I'll try to get a photo, but I think yours is pretty good.

  3. I hope everyone liked what they received from me, I liked everything I got and now am thinking about next year! Thanks Everyone!

  4. Beth- the peg doll is adorable. I am having a hard time figuring out where to put everything!

  5. All of my goodies are displayed on our living room mantle, where they've been keeping me company as I fight pneumonia. Having other wonderful crafters decorate my home for Halloween is quite the perk! :) Love everything- thank you for hosting this wonderful swap again Sarah!


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