Tuesday, October 22, 2013

On the second day of Halloween

On the second day of Halloween, the Great Pumpkin gave to me:
Vintage paper masks scored off Ebay some time this summer.
And one awesomely full Halloween feather tree (that does not photograph well on rainy days when my children are escaping out the door I tried to open to let more light in!).
I know some of you from the swap said you trying to decide where to put all of your swap goodies. Don't forget you can spray a branch or any kind of "Christmas" tree any color you want it - black, green, purple, orange!
Then you can hang all sorts of stuff from it. :-)
Hurry up Great Pumpkin! We have a great surprise arriving just in time for Halloween next week.
(Orange! Now I wish I hadn't "swapped" my extra tree with someone who never bothered to send her half the swap in return. Ugh.)


  1. Our trees look a lot alike. I wonder why? :) Lots of the same decor.

    I left my tree white, I think the Halloween stuff *pops* on it.

  2. I'm finally getting around to photographing my orange feather tree. Your witch hat is fantastic tree topper.

  3. Somebody stiffed you on something so big as a feather tree? Wow! That really takes some chutzpah! Love the decor...as always!


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