Thursday, November 14, 2013

All the autumnal things we own

 The kids and I are having a rough go of things right now. I started getting sick on Monday afternoon - spent  most of Monday in a feverish haze trying to care for them - and have been sick ever since.  The two littles are so freaking crabby. It's been cold so they can't play outside. They are fighting constantly. And with my coughing (peeing my pants! fun!) and super sore throat I am in NO mood for their bullshit.

But anyway.  After the Halloween stuff came down I actually felt the urge to put up something fallish. Usually I start right in on the Christmas stuff, but that is not happening this year.
 The woodland tree is making another appearance in the foyer.
 Gnomes, nests, acorns, pinecones...
 owls, fruits and toadstools.
 My small collection of diecuts is in the hallway.
 A honeycomb turkey and a pumpkin tree on the china cabinet.
 The mantel went kind of sparkly earthy. I didn't want to put away the glass glitter pumpkins so I just scrounged around for things that worked with them.
 Ironstone and antlers, orange pom poms, seed garland, sparkly leaf ornaments, german wooden ornaments.
 Tarnished silver and nests.
 And a few old thanksgiving postcards too.
The pilgrim (I have no girl) and Indians are on the kid's chalkboard wall.

With that I am off to discipline the child who just threw something at me. Again.


  1. Glad you had the strength to decorate! Hope you all feel better soon.

  2. Sorry you are having such a rough time right now, Sarah. Jeez, can't they give you a break?!

    Your Autumn decorations look great, though :-)


  3. I love your die cuts. So cute! Hope you feel better soon!


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