Sunday, December 01, 2013

12 days of stars

Let's talk about yesterday first, shall we?

I was putting up some Christmas stuff and Dave was with the kids in the living watching Sleeping Beauty. The next thing I know Grant is screaming and covered in blood. He is climbing like a monkey, but he is not an agile monkey like Sammi and fell off the couch onto the wood floor. It only took me a minute to determine that he had torn his upper frenulum. Try calling the ped - closed for the holiday. Try calling urgent care - they say take him to the ER immediately. Take him to the ER, sit there for two hours only to be told "eh, very common, happens all the time, we don't do anything about it."  What the what? Urgent care couldn't have mentioned that? The ER doc WOULD NOT SHUT THE HELL UP about how he was going to DIE from his teething necklace.  I wanted to yell, "gee, that's swell and all but how ABOUT THE BLOOD ALL OVER HIM?" (For the record, our ped knows my kids have worn those teething necklaces and has never, ever said boo about it. This woman had no clue what they were and had me sit there while SHE WENT AND GOOGLED IT and then brought me back a million printed pages from google on how he is going to die from it. Heaven forbid anyone try anything holistic or homeopathic to try and help any of their problems.) I mean I am sitting there completely freaked out that he has somehow injured himself and will never be able to speak properly (combined with a dose of mad as a hornet that he had gotten injured) and she just would not shut up about it. Also, she was pretty sure it would "just heal on it's own" except that people pay good money to have lip ties severed and I am pretty sure there is no way it is going to go back together.

Anyway. The little bugger is right as rain today. Not even a fat lip. Yesterday he looked like a vampire because he kept poking at it making it bleed. Sigh.

So, when Sammi and Jack asked if they could go see Oma today I said HELL TO THE YES! and took them right over there. I cleaned up just a *little* (my counter and my sewing area were unusable from the projects I am about to show you), then I sat outside in the 60 degree sunshine and just read and read and read to my little heart's content.

The Christmas tree this year is all stars. No ornaments of any other kind. I have been making stars until my fingers bleed and we finished the last ones today.
These were made by the kids. I had Jack cut out stars from some muslin I had kicking around. Then we used a potato stamp and stamped stars onto them.

Then I quickly sewed two of the stars together.

Most of the stars are super, super simple and I have about a million other ideas for stars I could have made, but I am ready to move onto another quilt I think. (That vintage purple stack is still calling me!)

I plan to show them all to you, so I will be back tomorrow with another star.


  1. Oh my heavens! Just what you didn't need! But thankfully all is well (as well as it can be, right?)

  2. Sorry to hear about your experience at the ER. Yikes! I would be willing to bet that doctor doesn't have kids of her own. Loving the stars idea for your tree. I like to do different things each year with my tree also. Can't wait to see the finished tree.


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