Saturday, December 07, 2013

12 Days of stars

Today was the local movie theater's annual canned food drive. You donate 5 cans of food for each person and a get free movie. So the kids and I went to see Frozen. I am not a big Disney fan (or animation in general to be honest), but it was SO SO good!  What a nice morning treat that was.

 We went to see Santa just before Thanksgiving to beat those crazy lines. Grant started SCREAMING as soon as he realized I was handing him over but then stopped when the girl started ringing the jingle bells to get him to look at her camera. (On a side note, oy vey what a job that must be!)
 Sammi has been asking me if she can see Santa again. Since we were already in the mall for the movies I took her again today. Doesn't she look proud of herself? (She ought to be since I paid another $27 for another photo because I knew I would want to remember her asking to see him again and again.)
Today's stars are recycled from a sweater with some trim glued on plus a little glitter glue to add "berries" to the trim. The ones I pinned looked like they  had been stitched together but when I tried that they came out horribly misshapen. The more I looked at the pin the more I think they just glued some trim around the edges. Wish I had thought of that originally. These are not my favorite. Oh well, win some, lose some.

Tonight we go to the see the Christmas lights. The cards are in the mail, the shopping  mostly done. All that's left are those damn dreaded gingerbread houses. (I guess there is some benefit to not really decorating, eh?)

Thank you to everyone who has purchased from my etsy shop! It's much appreciated and keeping me hopping. I am trying to get 5 things a day listed. Still no link here on the sidebar because I have to upgrade the blog for that and I have not had time to get that done yet.  Soon I hope.


  1. Our local theater is doing the same thing this weekend. Wanna know the funny thing? We rented Monsters University today and Frozen was in the previews. I told my mom (she came to watch with us) "We should have gone to see Frozen!" At least I know it's worth seeing.

    And how precious does Sammi look! I know you don't like to hear it...but it makes me sentimental for those days!

  2. My daughter went and saw Frozen last weekend too and LOVED IT! I may have to check it out when it comes out on DVD. I cannot believe it costs $27 to take your picture with Santa. When I was younger, you got a free polaroid. Remember that? In any case, Sammi looks so cute that it had to be totally worth it.

    Have a great Sunday,



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