Sunday, December 08, 2013

12 Days of stars

Okay I am getting as sick of showing the stars as I was of making them, so here are a bunch. There is one left for the grand finale tomorrow, then onward and upward to all the other goings on around here!

These are made from beeswax. I didn't get my hunk that I melted quite clean enough first so there is a little junk in some of them, but these were so super easy. They are very sweet and tactile and just so lovely in an old fashioned way. I could totally see a green feather tree decorated with nothing but different types of beeswax ornaments. Cheap and easy to do too. Someone get on that? :-)
Popsicle stick stars decorated by the kids.
Lego stars made by Dave and Jack. (These were hard they report. And they are stupidly fragile.)
And the good old fashioned plastic glow in the dark stars which started me thinking we should have an all star tree in the first place.

I did make a dozen of each kind, btw, I just didn't photograph them all.

It's snowing just a little and I need to upgrade the blog but MAN I am hoping to get sewing. I picked a pattern (finally!) for the purple quilt and it is calling to me...

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  1. I'm very partial to the Popsicle ones the kids made. Legos? I can see how they would be difficult and fragile. Look forward to seeing the entire tree! Hope you get to that sewing!


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