Monday, December 30, 2013

2013, a year of the kids

I am not the least bit sorry to see 2013 go.  2014 will HOPEFULLY bring me:
Another child who walks
Another child who uses the potty
Another child who continues to make great strides in self control and awareness
More time to breathe
Some time for myself
And hopefully (mostly) continued relief from the darn arthritis pain.

This past year, the kid version:

Cheeks turned 2.
We did photo shoots at nearly every opportunity. This one for Valentines day.
The leprechaun version.
The Easter version.

Father's Day. (Man Ginty looks H O T.)

Fancy new camera arrived in July.
Sammi started one day of school a week in August. (Must find enough money to send her two days a week. She LOVES that place. She is completely unlike my boys who do not like to be separate from us for any reason.)
September and my Ginty turned the big ONE~!
October and Jack turned the even bigger 9. (Last single digit!)
More theme shots of course. Pumpkin patch version.
Turkey version.
Christmas version.

Back tomorrow with the New Years version. :-)

Heart to heart sign ups will open on Thursday too.


  1. Your holiday pictures of the kids are priceless, sooooo adorable! You have such a lovely family. Happy New Year to all of you!

  2. Said it before and will say it watching your kids grow up.
    Happy New Year!!!


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