Sunday, December 29, 2013

A little New Year's Party to combat the echo in here.

 When I took down the Christmas stuff I was too lazy to put anything else on the mantel. But it was so empty and echoey in the dining room I felt like we were moving out again.

I had some party hats in the sewing area I had just bought. And I made the stars for a photo shoot yesterday.
 So I just started piling some sparkly stuff up until it felt less empty. (I would like a tall something right in that empty spot to the bottom corners of the donkey, but eh, too lazy.)
 Then I got the BRILLIANT idea to put that vintage pin the tail on the donkey up there. Now, that thing just hangs out loose in my storage area and I swear to you I see it

Except yesterday when I wanted it. I made four trips to the basement on my darn creaky arthritic knees determined to find that thing. When I finally did find I realized it was too small for that space!

Oh well, it stays. (Jack would like me to take it down so they could actually play pin the tail on the donkey.)
One of the benefits of not going all out for Christmas has meant enjoying the fall d├ęcor and the new year's stuff I have been hoarding for years.

I realized after I had already hauled a 4 ft silver tree my brother brought me to the basement the other day that I should have left it in the hallway and decorated it with the many,  many party horns I have. Maybe I will get it back out and put them on it anyway for Sammi's birthday.

You know that birthday that is in 2 weeks that I have not even thought about at all?


(I want her to have a friend party this year but I think that requires warm weather. A spring ice cream party. Outside! But it's also Dave's 40th birthday this spring. Her birthday is just so close to Christmas. Last year we had her party around Valentine's day. What to do, what to do...)


  1. Your New Years display is really pretty, I love the colors in it. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. My New Years stuff is going up too. It does feel empty without Christmas. Glad you found the donkey.

  3. I'm too overwhelmed to put away Christmas quite yet, but I don't have little ones getting into everything. Your New Year's mantle is fabulous. Here's to a less stressful 2014!


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