Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas card kids

I am having one of those going to die from frustration days. It is so hard to get anything done right now. There is so much crying from the littles. I have GOT to get back to prioritizing time to myself. I am going insane. It is even hard to watch tv at the moment (ours is completely jacked up) and I swear it should not be hard to just sit down for an hour in the evening and mindlessly watch television to decompress a little.

I keep thinking a craft group of some sort is partially what I need here. Blogging really no longer offer the creative community feeling it used to and I feel a bit like I just blog and craft into a great void.

I am still thinking about how to make that happen. (And crafty local girls reading?)

Anyway, on with the show. I used our family photos for the Christmas card this year but I was instantly regretting not having done some kind of Christmas photos with the kids. I KNEW a family photo taken by someone else was the way to go for my sanity, and I was right because 80 something frames of the kids and not a single one was really card worthy. Oh yea, and I was sweating and exhausted when I was done. But since I always turn them all (outtakes included) into a book, I am super happy we did them.


I think the big ornament idea has potential and I might try it again next year.

Or maybe not. There are a million ideas for these and the years are short. :-)

Until tomorrow! (When hopefully I am going to return with photos of snow and my children playing in it. Outside of this house.)


  1. There are definitely some card-worthy shots in there. They definitely capture your kids at this age. Adorable.

  2. Don't stop blogging! I love your blog and read every post. Your kids are so sweet and I look forward to hearing about their antics. I have three grown-up kids and had just the same outcome with pictures! Jack was doing great in all the pictures, he's a trooper. Sam is such a delight and her personality shines through. I have a professional picture of my daughter at two throwing a hat prop at the photographer! Just wait, Grant will be better next year. I think everyone would love to see your kids as they are in the pictures. Many would just grin and others would love it because their kids are grown.

  3. It's probably too late, you're probably onto the next thing, but would you consider taking the best shots of each kid and making a collage card?


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