Sunday, December 22, 2013

Flea Market Sundays

Grant and I have been thrifting a lot the past two weeks looking for things to stock Etsy with and hunting for vintage Christmas (of course!).

I was getting a little hung up on the Christmas thing and overlooking a few good things, silly me.

Here's the last few weeks worth of treasures for me:

A small Tonka truck. Should I put a tree in it? (I kid, put a tree in it is apparently like putting a bird on it in the craft world right now. I like these for the kids.)
An elf BUNNY? Shut.the.front.door.
Tavern not gurly.

A pair of these bell wreaths (will show you the Christmas mantle tomorrow I think).

This was just as big roll of quilt pieces when I bought it. I didn't even inspect it, just said I'll take it please. Before I showed it to you I pieced those strips together. Once I had it done I noticed that there was some rhyme and reason and I have put the dotted rows and the striped rows together in the wrong order. D'oh. I won't be taking it apart though. It was SO SO SO musty and stinky and I had to get it together before I could wash it at all. I have my fingers crossed it will survive a gentle bath.
Because it is amazing.
She hand pieced all those tiny squares!
She also hand pieced these but I am not sure what to do with them. They are an odd size and if there were 4 I would have been sure they were meant to be a quilt together. But with only three of them there are  not enough for a quilt top. Hmmmmm.
They are no less amazing though.

Merry Christmas to me!



  1. I would say make matching tops by putting them on a solid. Two twins and maybe pillows?

  2. Those last three would be great giant floor pillows!! or framed and put all three on the wall! Great finds.

  3. The postage stamp quilt top is amazing! Maybe the smaller ones were for baby quilts? That elf bunny is super cute! you found some nice things!

  4. I skipped the flea yesterday in lieu of our annual holiday brunch. I'm trying not to drive myself crazy thinking about the things I may have missed....

    That foil wreath is the second one I've seen on the blogs this morning. Guess that means I need one.

    Happy Holidays, Sarah!!


  5. Amazing stuff, truly. I love those little foil wreaths. I applaud your knowledge of vintage candles (not Gurley! thank you!) And the quilts, well. They are really something.


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