Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Another year come and gone.

I was thinking in the car today that I honestly do not even remember very much of 2013. Its all a blur of health problems and sick kids and the sheer exhaustion of my health problems and caring for two very small people.

Every year I try to choose a one word resolution. I started it  a few years ago when it was the *thing* to do. I have no idea what my word was for 2013. 

For 2014 it's going to be cultivate! Cultivate time for myself. Cultivate a garden again. Cultivate some normalcy for the kids again. (Man this year was rough.)

But most importantly - cultivate some more friendships for myself. I lost my BFF in 2012 just weeks before Grant was born and I still feel the absence of that relationship in many ways.

Onward and upwards always, eh?

I needed a new skillet so we hit homegoods this morning.  I fell crazy, madly in love with this weird, glittery, rubber (made in Germany of all places) taxidermy head. Like L O V E. Even at 1/2 off it was still WAY more than I would pay for this type of thing ($22, what the what?), but I am going to love it for a long time, so it's mine now.

Be warned, you have not seen it for the last time. LOL
We took a family portrait selfie and it turned out great. Except for the glare on my glasses I would also be in L O V E with this picture of us. (I swore last year on New Years that we would try and take a self portrait every year for New Years since I am NEVER in the pictures and I want the kids to have at least one photo of me. It is kind of a fun tradition.)
Compared to this one in 2012. Where Jackson was screaming and crying and Sammi had just had a HUGE tantrum and wouldn't stop hitting Jack and Grant was a tiny hungry newborn baby who needed nursing constantly...dude. We are lucky we are all alive! (However looking back on those is funny because Grant? yea, still makes the same grumpy faces.)

And my littles! My shorties! So much more awesome this year. 

Grant cannot resist ripping off that star. And he is only good for approximately two photos before this:
starts to happen.
But still.

Getting easier every day.

With that, Happy New Year to you and yours.

Thank you for visiting us here. For supporting us through the fun stuff, the ugly stuff, the hard stuff, the joyous stuff and all of the stuff in between.


  1. Love the deer head! and I would have totally bought it too, but hey, I have a cow head on my wall ;)
    Love the your family photo too. I'm trying to do the same thing, be in front of the camera more.
    And I totally get the friend thing. I miss my bff too, but I had to let her go a couple years ago because she was truly not good for me. Everyone else saw it, but it just took me several years to see it myself. It's so much harder to make a close friend when you are an adult, especially as a sahm. And I realize it is a lot of work, which sometimes I'm just not up for. But like you, I do want more me time and social interaction this coming year.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year!


  2. Looking forward to more posts in 2014..hope you cultivate it just like you wish!

  3. Happy New Year to you and your gorgeous family, Sarah!!



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