Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ho Ho Ho (or thank you Baby Jesus for letting me live beyond Christmas)

Thank God that is over. For reals.

I had those trees down by 10 am this morning so we could get back to our regular drive me crazy days.

We did make it to church on Christmas Eve, which was important to me, but damn hard to pull off since Sammi does not nap anymore and is so exhausted by 5 pm that she literally gets delusional. (She starts crying and mumbling in jibberish and the whole nine yards. Fun.) Our church did a special service for kids this year that was only 30 minutes long and included nothing other than singing and them being to participate in the Christmas story. PERFECT.
Grant just sat there stunned for a good twenty minutes. He was probably awake at 4 am and never went back to sleep. But I, too, am delusional at this point and can barely remember.

(Why didn't I think of buying her costumes?? I found this in the cabinet with the other presents and realized D'OH! She would love this. In this picture she is saying "What does the fox say?" Annoying, I know. Thank you Aunt Kristin. LOL)

I didn't even try a Christmas morning matching jammies photo. This is close enough.
Love my little chubby, isn't he sweet?
This chaos pretty much sums them up. ALL DAY LONG.

Now that it's done and dusted I am relieved. I bought a lot fewer presents (and it feels like the right amount, the kids are enjoying each and every one of them for the most part). I recognize that a huge part me of is fairly OCD about messes and the chaos of yesterday was just so.much.for me on top of the usual chaos of diapers and feeding them and referring and so forth.

I went to Target this morning to score some more of these raspberry pink (they also have red) trees in preparation for the Heart to Heart swap. Just in case you want to join in and need a tree to hang your lovelies on. The one on the left I trimmed to make it more sparse for ornament display. I will soon chop the other one up too, but it takes a long time. (They are $4.)

I will start opening sign ups on Jan 2.

I have also been loading the etsy shop and have a lot more to come. I really am enjoying having something that I can start and finish to keep me occupied.

With that I am looking forward to a new year.  PLEASE let it bring a baby who walks (any day now, he is 15 months old today and I do not want to go back to physical therapy with him) and a soon to be three year old who uses the potty. PLEASE? The downhill side of this mountain might be lovely.

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  1. After seeing your post I just had to get to Target to find one of those trees! That is genius that you thought to trim it up. I was lucky enough to find the last red one on the shelf. It was 50% off. I did trim it too. I like it much better now that it is less bushy. I think I will also use it for Valentines Day. Thanks so much for the idea!!


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