Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The stars are brightly shining tree, gingerbread and me

 The star tree does not photograph anything like  my usual sparkling vintage beauties, but in person it is sweet.

I surprised myself with how many stars I actually made!

You will notice the bottom is empty. Grant stands on his tip toes and STRETCHES up to grab them. And he and Sammi unplug the thing and drive it around the house like it's a push toy. (Good thing I skipped the glass, LOL).

 I did add some glass glitter stars I have had for several years. (Why didn't I buy a million of those when they were in Target or where ever?)

This year I managed to convince Jack that we could do those pinterest ice cream cone trees instead of gingerbread houses.

I thought this was a brilliant plan. Much easier and cheaper than those stupid gingerbread houses I despise.

Except I had no premade icing in the pantry like I thought I did when I was buying all the supplies.

So I had to make icing.

Now, I have told you before I am no cook. I cook only so these people can live. My royal icing was SO stiff it was like cement. I could barely spread it on the cones which were cracking apart. It dried before a single piece of candy even touched it. So the kids had to try and wet the candies to get them to stick.  Then the coloring was running off the candies all over them, the table, the trees, the floor.

Hot mess y'all.

I finally yelled after these few trees that we were never, ever doing this again and that I would just give them a damn bowl of candy to eat (since that is what they really care about) on a day before Christmas and we can all just get on with our lives.

Jack says (cheerfully) OKAY! I handed off the candy and off they went.

If having three kids has taught me anything about Christmas it's this -
Never start anything you don't want to have to do every single year for the rest of your bloody life.
Never let the littlest kids know you used to do these things so they can never you drive you crazy asking for it every year.
Give up some of this crap that makes you crazy and waste your time doing something that makes you gloriously happy (like sewing!) instead.
Just let the kids have whatever part it is that they REALLY want and skip the stupid song and dance, aka the path of least resistance. (If the part of watching movies that they really like is the popcorn just feed them popcorn already and skip them acting crazy and having to holler when they tear up the living room instead of watching the damn movie. Ahem.)
Even if they eat a metric ton of candy canes and popcorn and skittles for a few weeks we are ALL GOING TO LIVE.

(Pats self on back. Merry Christmas to me. LOL)


  1. Congratulations, you have reached the next level of parenthood! Bwahahahahaha! (Moose asked yesterday, can we do gingerbread houses this year? Like when Bub made a car dealership at our old house? That was like 4 years ago! We used to do it every year, but not since we moved. We just do graham crackers and icing though, so I guess I can do that again. ;) ) http://miscthing.blogspot.com/2008/12/annual-fake-gingerbread-construction.html

  2. If you have my luck you'd do all the things then your kid wouldn't even remember. trust me, it could happen.

  3. I think you should write a book! LOL You seriously make me laugh, and I think you have this stuff figured out. PICK YOUR BATTLES. I think that's your theme right?
    The Star Tree couldn't be any cuter! Really...I think I would like to do that some day. Will you send me all of your stars though???
    Erica :)

  4. The tree looks great! I would love to see the picture of them pushing it around! I'll admit it, that would freak me out! So, you are either very tolerant or just plain worn out!


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