Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Booger Gate - Take 2

Yesterday I wiped Samantha's nose in the car.

"Hey! What are you doin'?"
"I wiped a booger."

Isn't she sweet?


(She has a serious issue where she is convinced that the boys cannot look at her, look at her things, or even do something like touch her shoes. EVERYTHING is HERS! HERS! HERS! Her room is full of everything she can find that no one else is permitted to touch.)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Flea Market Sundays

Right now I am having a REALLY good week if Jack goes to school two days a week.

It was sunny and 65 today. Tomorrow it will be -2. Wanna bet there is no school AGAIN?

When I realized it was warm this morning I dressed all the kids and loaded them into the car. Flea Market here I come. There may be less than 10 vendors right now, but that doesn't matter to me!

I am pretty sure I broke into a small run when I spotted BOLTS of vintage fabric at one of my favorite vendor's stalls. He knows I am into fabric and quilts and they tried to call me this morning to tell me they finally had some, but they lost my number. Good thing I showed up anyway, eh?
About a yard of these sweet tea cups.

Several yards of the birdies. (I thrifted a small piece of this years ago, maybe in another colorway?)
Many, many, many gazillion yards of BIG purple and white dots for the purple princess.
And then this. I died from cute, right? A couple yards.
Vintage fisher price.
I found a HUGE roll of this unused vintage carnation milk wrapper container paper. Love it. So fun. I am not sure what to do with it though?  It's foil.
For now I only bought a couple of yards of it.
And some vintage seersucker cowboys.  I am already thinking about Grant growing up a little and picking up some boyish fabrics for him. :-)

Dave is going out of town this week, its supposed to snow for 4 days on top of this ridiculous cold and I think we all should start praying that I am able to find some serenity right now. LOL

Friday, January 24, 2014

Kids are quirky

Sam's grandparents sent her one of those Our Generation dolls for Christmas.  She has spent the last 5 or 6 weeks carrying around the little catalog that was inside the box.  Every single day. Where's the doll you ask? Who knows*, but lord help me if I lose track of her doll catalog! LOL

*I do know where the doll is, but she is naked. Sam doesn't want her dressed. She would much rather look at pictures of doll clothes.  Quirky I tell you.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gymboree called from 1987 and they...

(I realize I took these pics in my kitchen at night, but I am still not able to believe I bought these.)

So, 1987 Gymboree called and they want their fabric back.
I mean did I really just buy these bright things? Is Kona really making these colors?

Me? Queen of baby pink?
I have spent more time plotting and planning and thinking and obsessing and trying to sort out this flying geese quilt than is healthy.

I swear these fabrics coordinate with the feedsacks.
Truly they do.

And Robert Kaufman made a colorful flying geese irresistible!

But the fabric collector in me, the vintage quilt hoarder, says white is so classic and so true to the feedsacks.

I think I can? I think I can?

Lord, I am not sure I can. I don't think I have enough balls to do it.

Ballsy, now there's a word I never thought would apply to me and quilt making!

I will be back in a few days with a decision I guess.


Monday, January 20, 2014

These are my favorite days

Today was warm and sunny and quite spring like. I love these days where we can spend time in the yard. (It doesn't get warm until Grant is laying down for a nap, I haven't ignored him in these photos!) The kids are happy to play and I am able to sit down and look at a magazine or take photos for the shop or eat in peace.

My very favorite kind of days...

Sam likes to make cakes in the sand box.

She is starting to loose some of that baby face.
They play ring around the rosy. Or as Sammi says "pocket full of asses." (Yes I am sure someone is going to tell me they are going to DIE on the table. They are far more of a hazard to one another with a pencil in someone's hand. Trust me.)

I thrifted Sammi a new costume - meow!~

I have tried to creatively take the photo with nothing too nasty, but this is not for the faint of heart:
Grant is the worst tub pooper ever man. He never stops, even if you wait until he has just pooped before you put him in there.  They were in the tub together when Sammi started sounding the poop alarm.  It cracked me up that they both stood there leaning over the edge watching Dave like they were at sea world or something! LOL

It's a good thing I paid top dollar for that fancy antique "toilet", eh?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Flea market Sundays

Ahh, it's junk time. (I miss junk season I think.)

Does anyone have a clue what these guys are? They are a few inches tall and rubber. I have googled my brains out. (They are pirates, a dutch boy and some kind of diaper wearing I don't know what. LOL) I could swear there were pink rubber doll house dolls, but I am hitting a dead end no matter what I google.
Two of these cuties!
Sam can wear this handmade velvet beauty.
I need to try and clean this today while the sun is out, Sammi likes wearing an apron when she is playing with her wooden cookie set.

A giraffe in a party hat? I died. Hopefully it will fit one of Sam's dolls.

These are small, maybe 3 inches big? Doll quilt sized I think, but I haven't had a chance to play with them yet.

I am off to package some etsy things and deal with my sick husband and a sick Ginty. (Poor Ginty is all rashy and miserable.)

As soon as I have the heart to heart valentines done (just need hangers!) I can start on those geese. Honk! Honk!

Friday, January 17, 2014

You should never, ever

You should never, ever sit down for five minutes with a magazine around here. (I wasn't even beyond page 10!)

"I make him like a kitty cat!"
"Me too!"
And the high chair.

And all six of the kitchen chairs.

And all three of the counter stools.

Oh yea, and their feet too.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vintage purple quilt, finished

After many, many years of hunting vintage purple fabrics I have a finish! 

I used the Moda Lawn Chair Quilt pattern (but modified the instructions since I obviously didn't use precut fabrics).  It was actually a super easy pattern and it turned out the best of any quilt I have made.

Before washing.

After much, much, much debate I ended up with a green binding. I was going to use a vintage purple binding I have and had collected for this quilt but in the end I didn't have enough of it. So I just went with green.
(Sun behind makes it look pink from the backing.)
I even had vintage purple for the back. In the pantone color of the year even - a bright orchid.
After washing (and a little wrinkly from waiting to have it's picture taken.)
I have a TON of purple left over so I think another purple quilt is in my future.
But I seemed to have developed this teensy little problem...
All I ever think about making right now are quilts! No other sewing ever even crosses my mind. What the what?
Case in point - I am plotting turning this stack of feedsack squares I bought this summer into a whopping 521 (!!!) flying geese blocks.

I know, right?


P.S. That background on Sam's photos is one they have at JCP right now. I am totally old school with the milestone portraits and take the kids to the mall photo studio. They have some "hip" (LOL) stuff for backgrounds right now. Usually I prefer white, but whatever, I just let the lady choose whatever she wanted. :-)