Sunday, January 19, 2014

Flea market Sundays

Ahh, it's junk time. (I miss junk season I think.)

Does anyone have a clue what these guys are? They are a few inches tall and rubber. I have googled my brains out. (They are pirates, a dutch boy and some kind of diaper wearing I don't know what. LOL) I could swear there were pink rubber doll house dolls, but I am hitting a dead end no matter what I google.
Two of these cuties!
Sam can wear this handmade velvet beauty.
I need to try and clean this today while the sun is out, Sammi likes wearing an apron when she is playing with her wooden cookie set.

A giraffe in a party hat? I died. Hopefully it will fit one of Sam's dolls.

These are small, maybe 3 inches big? Doll quilt sized I think, but I haven't had a chance to play with them yet.

I am off to package some etsy things and deal with my sick husband and a sick Ginty. (Poor Ginty is all rashy and miserable.)

As soon as I have the heart to heart valentines done (just need hangers!) I can start on those geese. Honk! Honk!


  1. Oh good! I'm so glad to see that you finally got out of the house AND that you got to go to the flea market. Sounds like a win win to me :-)

    If you can, post a picture of Sammi in that sweet dress. I'll bet is is adorbs on her :-)

    Have a great week, Sarah!


  2. Wonderful finds! Love the quilt bits and sweet apron. Maybe the 'dolls' are premiums of some kind...say like came with candy, soap, oil, even paint as in Dutch Boy Paints or kids meals at some diner. Just an idea!

  3. Awesome haul! And since I'm catching up on comments ... the colorful flying geese? I hear you on the love of classic white. But I did click on the Robert Kaufman quilt, and boy is that beautiful. It's just fabric, even if it is feedsack. Give it a go, I say. (Unless you end up hating it, in which case I am not to blame.)


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