Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gymboree called from 1987 and they...

(I realize I took these pics in my kitchen at night, but I am still not able to believe I bought these.)

So, 1987 Gymboree called and they want their fabric back.
I mean did I really just buy these bright things? Is Kona really making these colors?

Me? Queen of baby pink?
I have spent more time plotting and planning and thinking and obsessing and trying to sort out this flying geese quilt than is healthy.

I swear these fabrics coordinate with the feedsacks.
Truly they do.

And Robert Kaufman made a colorful flying geese irresistible!

But the fabric collector in me, the vintage quilt hoarder, says white is so classic and so true to the feedsacks.

I think I can? I think I can?

Lord, I am not sure I can. I don't think I have enough balls to do it.

Ballsy, now there's a word I never thought would apply to me and quilt making!

I will be back in a few days with a decision I guess.


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  1. Oh, I'm so glad your are using the easy piecing technique for flying geese. I read your original post then somehow forgot to comment about it! My very first quilt was a Flying Geese in 1990...I did not use the easy way...not the easiest to start with!


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