Monday, January 20, 2014

These are my favorite days

Today was warm and sunny and quite spring like. I love these days where we can spend time in the yard. (It doesn't get warm until Grant is laying down for a nap, I haven't ignored him in these photos!) The kids are happy to play and I am able to sit down and look at a magazine or take photos for the shop or eat in peace.

My very favorite kind of days...

Sam likes to make cakes in the sand box.

She is starting to loose some of that baby face.
They play ring around the rosy. Or as Sammi says "pocket full of asses." (Yes I am sure someone is going to tell me they are going to DIE on the table. They are far more of a hazard to one another with a pencil in someone's hand. Trust me.)

I thrifted Sammi a new costume - meow!~

I have tried to creatively take the photo with nothing too nasty, but this is not for the faint of heart:
Grant is the worst tub pooper ever man. He never stops, even if you wait until he has just pooped before you put him in there.  They were in the tub together when Sammi started sounding the poop alarm.  It cracked me up that they both stood there leaning over the edge watching Dave like they were at sea world or something! LOL

It's a good thing I paid top dollar for that fancy antique "toilet", eh?

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