Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vintage purple quilt, finished

After many, many years of hunting vintage purple fabrics I have a finish! 

I used the Moda Lawn Chair Quilt pattern (but modified the instructions since I obviously didn't use precut fabrics).  It was actually a super easy pattern and it turned out the best of any quilt I have made.

Before washing.

After much, much, much debate I ended up with a green binding. I was going to use a vintage purple binding I have and had collected for this quilt but in the end I didn't have enough of it. So I just went with green.
(Sun behind makes it look pink from the backing.)
I even had vintage purple for the back. In the pantone color of the year even - a bright orchid.
After washing (and a little wrinkly from waiting to have it's picture taken.)
I have a TON of purple left over so I think another purple quilt is in my future.
But I seemed to have developed this teensy little problem...
All I ever think about making right now are quilts! No other sewing ever even crosses my mind. What the what?
Case in point - I am plotting turning this stack of feedsack squares I bought this summer into a whopping 521 (!!!) flying geese blocks.

I know, right?


P.S. That background on Sam's photos is one they have at JCP right now. I am totally old school with the milestone portraits and take the kids to the mall photo studio. They have some "hip" (LOL) stuff for backgrounds right now. Usually I prefer white, but whatever, I just let the lady choose whatever she wanted. :-)


  1. beautiful! i love the clean, simple lines and the white space.

  2. Sarah, it came out GORGEOUS! I love it. And why stop quilting if you're getting it done? Can't wait to see the flying geese!


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