Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Break on through

 Grant is TOTALLY into wearing glasses right now. Also totally into waking just shy of 5 am and then DYING of exhaustion by 8 30 am and spending much of the morning crying. This morning I plopped him right back into his bed at 8 30 to sleep for an hour. Sadly this will likely mean protesting about an afternoon nap and I have been up since forever. yawn.

Sam woke up at 2 35 this morning SCREAMING that she needed her pens and her papers right now. It was a first class coloring emergency up in here y'all.

 My solution to the gold pipe cleaner problem was to make the world's simplest leprechauns. They do the job. They will not win any crafting awards.

I saw some cute ideas to make with the kids to hang on that tree. Maybe this weekend we will try them since it is due to start back up with the snow. Again. Don't even get me started.
 I pushed on through with the geese and finished the top last night. I need to trim a gazillion loose threads. Scissors are not easy to use when referring a million toddler MMA fights.

It's smaller than I had hoped but I will be dead before I make another flying goose.
I only pushed through by allowing myself to dream of the next quilt I will make.

Total masochist.

Also, in theory, I LOVE it. I mean it is pretty awesome in these pictures.

But where in the heck am I going to put the quilting lines? OY.

P.S. I am thinking stacked coins next. Will I want to die again? Probably.


  1. I love how it turned out!

  2. It's gorgeous!!
    I am dying laughing over Sammi's Midnight Craft Crisis

  3. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Its beautiful! I am thinking stacked coins for Hollys wuilt. Which will hopefully happen before she gets a big girl bed. Or grows up and leaves home.
    What is up with kids in the middle of the night? Like little vampires! Was she actually properly awake?

  4. Grant is so cute in those glasses! I'm totally crushing on the red and aqua parts of your quilt. So pretty!


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