Monday, February 10, 2014

School Valentines and Ginty makes things work

 Oh Ginty Monster, it's time for a what are you to up update.
 This boy of mine likes to know how things WORK!

*tries to plug things in
*wipes his own face with a napkin
*tries to put on his own shoes
*opens doorknobs, cabinets, the fridge, and whatever else he can find
*likes to flush the toilet
*likes to use a whisk in a cup
*knows what the dustpan and little broom are for and REALLY does not want you to stop him from trying to sweep up
*tries to put on his safety belt in the high chair
*likes putting the remotes away in the drawer
*likes reading magazines
*has started making grabbing motions with his hands when he wants to eat or be picked up
*is walking about 30% of the time
*lays on the floor and looks under the cracks of doors calling "where are you?"
*loves giving hugs and kisses
*is still quite the mimicker
*into imaginative play - cars, cooking, trains, dinosaurs
*refuses to leave the cushions on the couch
*likes turning the lights on and off and on and off and on and off
*and so much more!
 I made 28 (!) of these for Sammi's preschool class. Idea here. Except ours don't open. I spray glued the top hearts on.
And 28 (!) of these for Jack's class. Idea here.

Took forever.

This has been a craptastic day. I am trying to sell a widget on Ebay that is nothing but a pain in the ass (Ebay is useless to me I think, I like Etsy so much more). The USPS website is down making it impossible to ship Etsy packages, I have a headache, the kids were up all night and just UGH. Really, it could be bedtime already and I would be good with that. :-) And now I've just lost the p key on my computer. Double UGH!

Back tomorrow with the swap stuff.

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  1. Those rosey cheeks and the glasses gave me a chuckle! Sorry the day sucked so much! That's a Monday for ya!


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