Thursday, February 27, 2014

Should you decide

Should you decide to bring home a broken vintage Fisher Price truck from the thrift store because it was 79 cents and still quite sweet, you might decide it would do a great job of holding the bags of crayons that are always laying all over the kitchen counter.

 Which works and is much cuter than ratty Ziploc bags.
 Do yourself a big favor and run a piece of wire through the broken truck cab first. It is, after all, a dump truck and every time your three year old touches it, it will dump the crayons annoyingly all over the kitchen.

Then be sure to duct tape down the wire so no one gets hurt, just in case. (No one was hurt here, I think ahead about all sharp edges!)

Because as soon as you turn around the one year old honey badger will sort out how to climb on said kitchen counters and get in the crayons constantly and throw a huge hissy fit when he is denied this privilege.

 The children will enjoy some coloring despite the crying and spilling.
And then Ginty will be forced to wear a crown and be the queen of all things says his sister. (Of all things crying says the mama.)

The end.

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