Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This and that

Around here:
I sold our high chair. I am having NO luck getting anything to sell on Ebay and I have to pay a rather large enrollment fee for Sam to go to preschool next year, so the high chair had to go. Grant doesn't mind, he is a big boy now! (Sam, on the other hand, cried for two days about it.)

When Sam came home from PDO with lots of lollipops (aka jollypops), she shared with Grant.

I am very slowly working on the flying geese. Progress is nearly non existent.
Sam rolled around in the purple quilt acting like a "sssss snake!" the other day. The kids are using (and often fighting over) that quilt quite a bit.
Our goodwill was LOADED with dance recital costume samples. Sam chose this sparkly number.
And then did a little dancing in it.

After being nearly the same size for a long while she has had a growth spurt and finally looks like the big sister she is!
It's warm today so I spent two hours taking 250 photos of 50 items for the Etsy shop. Ericka was asking how I was able to let the stuff go. Mostly I don't even care. Having bills to pay is pretty motivating. But there a few things that will be coming soon that kill me a little. Like this blanket. I have a purple version of it already. They are the softest, prettiest blankets ever. Sniff.
And this vintage dress. Won't this be great for prom for someone?
(Should have fixed that sleeve for the photos.) Its aqua and a pinky purple and just super fab.

Oh to have a prom to wear it to!

Off to go sit in the sun and cook my bones a little. :-)


  1. What size is that sweet dress? Is it in the shop yet?

  2. OMG (as the kids say!) I've always regularly followed your blog but have not looked for maybe 3 months as I've had a little baby of my own and time to oneself is limited (as you well know!) I can't believe how much your babies have grown!!!!!!!! Wow. Now we seem to have bedtimes vaguely under control and I have a bit more evening, I'm looking forward to recapping the posts I've missed xx

  3. Hope this link works - all you need to do is sell ONE on eBay and your preschool worries will be over. Gina at Vintage Trunk in My Trunk posted it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/LOVELY-VTG-1940s-DRESS-JACKET-Sewing-Pattern-20-38-/390710861791?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5af82e9fdf


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