Monday, February 24, 2014

Who's zooming who?

 This  morning Sammi was crying about wanting to go to the playground, but it's cold again.

So I am letting her ride her bike in the house.
 On my hardwood floors.

And I don't even care nearly as much as I care about the sound of 10,000 cheerios hitting the floor while I try and list today's Etsy item* and blog for 2 minutes.
I had to buy milk in a gas station when we went to KC a month ago and I got this quart sized milk jug. I saved it and keep reusing it because it's PERFECT for Sam to use to pour her own milk.

*Lots of old inventory on Etsy has been marked down to make room for new stuff, I need some room for optimism on the shelves. Yes, optimism. Spring has to come soon, right?

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