Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A day late, a gold coin short

Despite my intense crabbiness yesterday I did attempt the annual leprechaun photo. I didn't try very hard though because I was not in the mood for the children's crap. Or perhaps as my aunt pointed (more accurately?) the children were not in the mood for my crap. LOL

 This one is a corker.
 The best I could get. I think Sam looks almost exactly like she did last year.

 I bought that sheet to sell then realized I was crazy. It is perfect for this photo.
 The little bit of decorating we did.

 As I was taking it down this morning Sammi says "why you taking down the celebration?"  "No more 'leckrechauns'? What's next?"
I don't actually know what's next, Easter seems a long way off.

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