Monday, March 17, 2014

Deeeep breath.

Last week Jack was on spring break.
Five solid days of listening to the commotion (fighting) of the children.
Then Friday and Saturday Dave spent two solid days on the roof repairing it. Two solid days of 24 hour childcare for me.
I do nothing but cook and clean and referee and work my small business right now. My stupid arthritis in my foot is hurting from doing too much. I haven't done a single creative thing in weeks. I cannot afford a baby sitter. I haven't even read a book! I don't even have cable anymore so I can just sit and veg out with Tim Gunn.
And then this morning. This morning! My two smaller children took turns screaming and crying and having one INSANELY intense tantrum after another. For hours.
Sammi never naps anymore but I have forced her into her room so I can regroup. (Jack always used to have quiet time in his room so I could refocus. Sammi refuses to stay in there but I have to figure out something. I cannot go on like this much longer without a moment where I can think! I cannot solve a single one of their problems without some regrouping time.)
 Today's costume is Elmo.
 Grant was curious about this one. (I was surprised she put it on, she used to scream that she HATES THAT HA-HA, which is what she calls Elmo.)
 And then the fighting started again.

I've picked up a few things for the shop that I am on the fence about selling:
 feedsack duvet cover;
 vintage duvet cover;
 supremely cool whole cloth tied quilt;
what I think might be an antique silk velvet carriage blanket. One side is the most gorgeous raspberry pink and the other is that Victorian red.
 An old dry cleaning tag cautions one to brush it with a fur brush. (God this thing is so heavy and so soft and so fabulous. But what would I do with it? Seems dead wrong to cut it up. It would make the most lovely Easter bunnies though. Must get confirmation on what it is and what it is worth.)
And another whole cloth quilt in super fun and funky flowers. They are pink and purple and yellow on an aqua background. I cannot for the life of me get a good photo of it.

I have been selling everything I pick up and I simply cannot decide what to do with these...

Alright I am off to regroup for a minute.



  1. I swear I put a comment here off my phone, but I don't know if it picked up. We went through a similar phase with Norah and at Christmas time we got her an alarm clock that lights up with a smiley face when it is time to wake up in the morning. I was convinced that we were paying money down the drain, but then it worked! No more jumping up and down on the parental units at five, or even, shudder, four in the morning. Now that she has all but given up naps, we are trying the same thing, though with mixed reviews. Our next try will be a relaxation CD that she has to listen to in its entirety. I think that Sammi and Norah have similar personalities, so maybe it would work for you too? Good luck. Keeping a hold of that one hour every weekend day has been a godsend, and when it doesn't work, we all become a little bit loopy.

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