Thursday, March 27, 2014

Grant 18 months

 Ah, 18 months. You've arrived in a flurry of very curly (?) hair!
 I can *almost* taste having two much more independent little people. Half way to two!

Here we go!

Dear Grant,

At 18 months you are:
*INSANELY stubborn
*having temper tantrums
*obsessed with buttons, cords, electronics, phones, the hanger hook in the van, lights, light switches, outlets (lord let those child proofing things work for awhile), plugs, etc
*I am refusing to cut your hair. I do not know why, but I am, so you are a bit hippyish in the hair department.
* Walking and trying to run
*climbing into the fort and going down the slide
*my very best eater
*ahem, ALWAYS eating or asking for food
*Saying "want it" or "want that"
*Saying other things too - hi bye mom dad what why (but surprisingly not eat)
*trying very hard to be part of the sibling pack
*leery of anything new (even mommy with no glasses)
*only sleeping through the night about 60% of the time still (COME ON KID)
*Still having a bottle at bed time (Mom and dad are clearly slackers this time)
*a crazy ass hair puller (and yes you do it on purpose when you are mad)
*sporting a mouth full of teeth
*you chewed gum yesterday. Gum you found somewhere in the pantry. I looked over and you were all chewing it like "WHAT? Dude I chew gum all the time mom!"
*Still pretty huge, we see the doctor tomorrow for stats but I think at least 30 lbs and nearing 3 feet tall I imagine
*wearing a 2T and heading to a 3T quickly
*A mimicker - you will mimick anything
*a bath HATER, no water on the head thankyouverymuch
*becoming helpful - putting dishes in the sink, trash in the can, bringing me your shoes and your jacket, climbing into your car seat (but NEVER wanting to put the seatbelt on)
*A kisser! you make this lip smacking sound for kisses
*Always on the go, impossible to get a decent photo of
*halfway to two big years old!

My sweet, adorable, crazy, loud, intense, lovey baby boy.

Love you littlest dude,

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  1. I love these posts! It's so fun to read all of the accomplishments Grant is making. You got another wild one on your hands, don't you?

    When Alex was little, we always kept his hair cut short. Always. Last Summer, he decided to let it grow out. He's almost 18 so we can't really tell him he has to cut it. The kid has a mop of curly hair that we never knew about!!! I love it. Grant's sweet red curls are the cutest. I don't blame you one bit for not cutting his hair :-)



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