Monday, March 31, 2014

The mouths of babes

I turned what was my tablecloth closet into a little house for the kids and hung a curtain over the doorway last week. Sammi likes to peek out of the curtain and say "see ya next time!"

This afternoon she was asking for a yogurt. She ran over and opened the fridge and discovered she couldn't reach the yogurt. "You're bigger and Daddy's bigger and Sammi needs to get bigger and bigger so I can get the yogurt!"

Last week I noticed she was counting to 13. "Sammi! You can count past 10." "Mommy! We do things at school - playing, singing, counting." D'oh to mommy, eh?

This morning at the mall we saw the Easter bunny sitting there all alone so we went over to have a little peek (we will have to go back for photos when we have Jack with us). Sam, in typical three year old fashion, was clutching ALL THE THINGS including a hairbrush, a play blow dryer, a sea shell, and some stickers. She quickly handed them over to me "mom, hold these" so she could wave hello and shake hands with the bunny.

My children call each other "newb" all the live long day. When she gets tired of it she will yell at Jackson "I AM NOT A NEWB! I AM SAMMI GIRL! YOU ARE JACKIE BOY! HE IS GRINTY BOY!"

My dad is trying to sell a truck so it's sitting in my driveway. It's driving Sam crazy. She asks me every day if "Uncle Christen" (aka Uncle Chris) is coming today to get that truck. She also quickly informed him that his new mustache "was ugly" and that he "needed to turn that loud music off right now it's breaking my ears."

And when I was singing Do you wannnnnna build a snowman, she informed me "there is no way we can build a snowman with no snow mom."

Bossy little corker, isn't she? :-)


  1. Absolutely precious. It's good that you record all this. My baby turns 16 in May. I'm in complete denial.

  2. Love this post! Can't wait to hear what that girl says next :-)



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