Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Under the big top

On Friday Jack came bounding into the kitchen asking if we could go to the circus while it was in town.

I debated for a bit. It wasn't in the budget, I am sort of iffy about circuses because of animal welfare, and I was not at all sure the little kids could sit for that.

In the end I decided why not? So off we went.

It's the Moolah Shrine circus. We used to always go to their parade with Jack but then they moved it to the dead of winter in March and it's way too cold to go now.

I have to say I was wildly impressed.
These bears are incredible. I mean a bear riding a bike? Yes please! (It took my human child 9 years to learn to do that!)
The bears also danced to gangnam style.
At intermission my kids were starting to get a little nuts. We decided to leave and we were on our way out the door when a shriner gifted us with tickets to a private suite. He said very kindly "it has a private bathroom and carpet and the kids can run around. It will help a lot."  So off we went to check it out. It was AWESOME. The kids were still crazy though. LOL
These two were quick change artists. They changed clothes like 400 times in the center ring. It was amazing. I still cannot sort out how she was doing it all. AND? Its the perfect job for Sammi! Sparkles and many outfit changes? Sign her up!
By now half the free world has heard about these lovely elephants. Later that afternoon they made a break for it. They walked out the loading dock door and smashed up some cars while trying to walk through the parking lot. (Not viciously I don't think, I think they are just huge and were trying to walk.)

They were allowed to rest the remainder of the time here.

I will say this - as an adult I was watching all the other stuff going on while people were performing. The sort of hidden men in black stuff - spreading sawdust on big cat pee, the moving of props, etc. I did NOT see this circus being in any way mean to those animals. In fact when the big cats didn't really seem very cooperative they just worked around it. I still have all sorts of mixed circus animal feelings though.
These motorcycle riders were also amazing. They crammed four riders going around and around in that little ball.
The finale is when this crazy dude lit himself on fire...
and was shot out of that big crossbow. That is a flaming him in the sky there. LOL

Under the big top was a LOT of fun and I won't hesitate to return next year. (When hopefully Grant and Sam are a bit better at sitting there.)

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